Classic Greenhouse 2,5m Wide

The standard cost of a greenhouse 2.5m x 2m x 2.1m is €1099. This price includes: 

-Each additional extension of two meters costs (€250)

- A fully equipped ready to go greenhouse, covered in double-wall polycarbonate sheets 4mm thick with a 15-year guarantee. 
- Doors equipped with a window (front, back).
-Wooden foundation (100mmx75mm) based on 6 concrete blocks.
- 2-6 Steel angles to be attached to the ground.

-Delivery is free within county Galway and between €50-100 outside of Galway depending on where you are based.

2,5x2m €1099 

2,5x4m €1350

2,5x6m €1600

2,5x8m €1850

2,5x10m €2100

2,5x12m €2350


-Each additional extension of two meters costs (€250)

-Automatic window (€149)

-Irrigation system (€99)

-Automatic window                                                             -Irrigation system