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About Royal.

Royal Greenhouse - a special design that is intended for people who are not satisfied with our standard Greenhouses, it is higher and although the width is still 3M, it seems wider because you can stand directly against the wall which is straight up and not curved like our other models. It is also about 30 cm higher in the middle so you can utilize a lot more space. The profile of the structure remains the same, but we use twice as much steel which gives double pressure resistance against the likes of snow.


We must emphasize that the price of our product includes the following, Galvanized box stainless steel 25x25mm, Polycarbonate with a thickness of 4mm or 6mm which has a UV filter, frost protection and comes with a 12-year warranty. Each greenhouse has 2 stable type/split doors, one at each end. The Price stated includes Installation and our company uses only top quality certified materials for production. 

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